Monday, January 29, 2018

More Than A Bit Magical

Noi saw off our guests today, helping them get the airport after guiding them around Chinatown and fixing a boat trip on the Singapore River. Her services as a tour guide throughout the weekend were outstanding in the eyes of her driver, me, with Fafa also providing expert assistance yesterday when we found ourselves at Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay. We also took in a wander round the school premises, an hour or so at Holland Village and a gloriously wet afternoon at the Botanical Gardens - all capped off with a late dinner at the hawker centre at East Coast Park. Blimey: I feel tired just writing it all down. By Saturday night John & Jeanette were saying they felt they'd been with us for a week, we'd packed so much in.

And it was all wonderful. Our guests were exceedingly impressed by many aspects of life on our small island, and rightly so. It has its magical features, easily overlooked as one pursues one's usual routine. But I was reminded of just how much magic there is readily available everywhere when Jeanette ruefully remarked that the canal walk she'd taken us all on the last time we were at her place, culminating in coffee in Romiley, didn't seem up to much compared to the sky-line of the brightly-lit city at night. Actually that walk still glows in my memory. And the fun of showing our guests around - and incidentally celebrating Fafa's birthday along the way - was a reminder of how much magic resides in people as well as places.

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