Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The View From My Bedroom Window

When I was just a little lad - eleven years old and in the first year of my secondary school - our English teacher set the title of this post as our first essay. I really struggled with it. We were living in the sweet shop on Guide Lane, Audenshaw, and the view over the main road wasn't all that promising. At least, that's the way it seemed to me then since I remember getting stuck after a couple of very mundane paragraphs. I kept looking out but struggled to find anything to say.

This came back to me this evening when I happened to glance out of the window just before praying the Maghrib Prayer (that's the evening one) and was stunned by the sheer beauty of the sun painting the sky behind the tree we look out onto. (One of my favourite trees, by the way.) Doing the prayer took priority, of course, so it was a few minutes before I could grab the camera and try and capture some of the transient glory of it all, as recorded above. It's not quite as intense as what was taking place in those eight minutes or so earlier, but it does give some impression of the original. 

It occurs to me now that I'm very glad I don't need to write a two-side essay about the view since I'm as stuck for words now as when I was a youngster. It also occurs to me that I'd give a lot to see that view over Guide Lane again.

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