Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cooling Off

For the first time ever since I've been living on this island I actually felt uncomfortably cold this afternoon as I was sitting in the living room, and it had nothing to do with over-assertive air-conditioning. We've had a few rainy days here and today the temperature went down to around 24 degrees. With the windows open and the wind blowing there was no need at all for a fan or air-conditioning. Quite the opposite. I wouldn't have minded a heater.

I decided to walk up to Holland Village to warm myself up a little. For once the trek there and back didn't result in me working up any kind of sweat.

Mind you, none of this comes close to the discomfort of the cold we experienced on some of the days we were in Turkey, especially when we visited Bursa. Noi, as ever, enjoyed the snow. It did nothing for me, pretty as it might look in the pictures above.

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