Monday, June 26, 2017


I'm the only one in our little group at Cheng Heights who managed a decent sleep last night. Fuad and I left Mak's house earlier than the others, with a splendid barbecue still quietly raging on, since we'd enjoyed quite enough of the high life and decided to opt for an early rest. Noi got back in the early hours somewhat later than expected to inform me that Mak had felt none too well after we went and had been throwing up and complained of feeling very cold. Her blood pressure had gone worryingly low, which seemed to account for her other symptoms. Fortunately there were quite a few people on hand with experience of the management of diabetes and its related problems and they managed to get the blood pressure back to normal and Mak feeling well again. It turns out that whilst I'd been sleeping Fuad had been dealing with a series of messages from Rozita concerning Mak's condition and he'd been advising based on his management of his father's illness. I'd been left undisturbed having no expertise in such matters, for which I was grateful simply because I'd escaped being one more helpless worrier in a situation in which worrying was no real help.

So now I'm the only one up and running here whilst the household gets some much-needed rest. Hoping that everything's settled down at Mak's place and this is one of those temporary upsets that just become part of the pattern of things, and nothing more insidious than that. Yet another reminder, not that we needed one, that there are no certainties (although the long drive home later today looks inescapable. Wish us luck!)

Mak took a very bad turn for the worse in the early afternoon. She's now in the hospital, but in critical condition. We've been praying here at her house since there were too many of us up at the Alor Gajah Hospital. Hoping for good news; not sure of the immediate future, so readiness is all.

Mak seems to have stabilised. We're about to set off south, but Noi intends to come back tomorrow to help look after things at this end. Hope the news stays positive.

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