Friday, June 9, 2017

A Bit Of A Turn Up

14 Ramadhan, 1438

I hadn't been paying that much attention to the General Election campaign in the UK, but I knew enough to be aware that the triumphal progress predicted for the PM was likely to be a lot less triumphal in the final outcome than originally expected. So I quite enjoyed the obvious discomfiture of Mrs May and her supporters as the results came in. Suddenly the obviously strong and stable leader looked weak and wobbly, or rather, not so suddenly. I've seen little real evidence that the politico in question is strikingly impressive and the way in which the right wing press has talked her up always had an air of fragility about it.

In contrast Mr Corbyn has had so much mud thrown at him that there was something impressive simply in his determination to keep going, and his essential decency and honesty was always likely to win over a lot of folks when he was given reasonable air-time. There are many things on which I'm not in agreement with him, and I'd prefer a more centrist Labour Party (simply because it's the only way to actually win an election outright) but the man has real character. That's more than can be said for those of his detractors who unsuccessfully tried to turn him into a figure of comedy. I bet they're not laughing now, eh?

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