Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Got back in the very early hours of this morning, but managed three hours of sleep ahead of work, which was enough. Strange journey back. Very heavy traffic all the way on the highway, and obviously thinking about Mak. Kak Yong accompanied us so that Noi would have a companion for the journey back today. But soon after we started we were stunned by the news of Hamzah's father's death. He'd reached a grand old age, somewhere in his early nineties, but coming on the heels of the situation with Mak's health it all seemed a bit much, as Mum would have said. Sad, intensely so. Strangely Hamzah and I were chatting together, after we'd done the prayers for Mak yesterday afternoon, actually talking about his dad and the recovery he'd made after his stroke some decades ago now and various recoveries he'd made from subsequent illnesses. We cheered ourselves up thinking that Mak seemed strong in herself this year and tried to feel positive about her condition in comparison.

And now we're all seriously worrying again over Mak. She's in a coma now and Noi has rushed back to gather with everyone there and assess what's to be done. Depending on the situation I'm likely to travel to Malaka later, with Rozita & Fuad. Have prepared as much as possible. But nothing is clear as things stand. Just waiting for some kind of news.

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