Wednesday, June 7, 2017

No Surprises

12 Ramadhan, 1438

Didn't feel in the least like getting on with the necessary June cleaning of the books in Hall today, which was a sure sign that it was the right day to start. And so I did, and got most of the job done. By 6.00 pm I felt drained and so when Noi asked me to get something from the shop across the road every part of me said no, no, no except, fortunately, for my mouth that sensibly said yes and left me to get on with the job.

It's strange to make a simple trip when you have zero energy. The zero, as ever, turned out to be misleading even if close to a kind of truth.

Oddly enough once I'd broken the fast in our traditional way with a bowl of longans, four small dates, four pieces of jemput jemput, a glass of cold water and four mugs of hot sweet tea I was more than ready to get to the gym and sweat my forty-five minutes.

Every time fasting month comes round I find myself surprising myself in ways that are no longer quite so surprising.

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