Thursday, June 29, 2017

Further Uncertainties

Mak underwent an operation very late last night in an attempt to stabilise her erratic blood pressure. The doctors suspected some kind of internal bleeding and it seems they were right, though I'm not sure they've managed to fix it. Fortunately Mak came through the op despite the obviously high risk involved. I got a message about this sometime after midnight and so could finally sleep, though I did horribly wonder and worry about being called with bad news during the night.

Very pleased to report that I've heard nothing untoward today. Now planning to go up to Melaka after midnight tomorrow, traveling with Fuad & Rozita, assuming there's no alarming developments before this.

It strikes me that we may need to endure these uncertainties for quite some time longer - a situation I'm more than happy to opt for if it means there's hope of seeing Mak back in action in the future.

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