Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Wider World

11 Ramadhan, 1438

Had an appointment with my back doc this afternoon. Pleasingly I continue without medication, though some stiffness in the spine was detected.

Funnily enough I proceeded to generate a noticeable case of backache as we went from the doc's (located in the East) to Geylang for our first saunter of this year's fasting month around the bazaar. As always I was amazed at the hardiness of those who serve at the food stalls, often with the heat from their cooking adding to the sultry sweatiness of the day. I was very happy indeed to get back to some air-conditioning to accompany afternoon prayers.

We came away with some kueh to accompany the breaking of our fast, but nothing like as much as we would once have burdened ourselves with. So things change even as they stay the same.

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