Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What Lies Ahead

I tend to think of food as an unalloyed good. It's easy to do that on the receiving end of Noi's cooking. But, of course, it's nothing of the sort. In the developed world over-consumption of the stuff seems to have become a major problem in medical terms, whilst the moral difficulties inherent in the wasting of food in a world where so many folks just don't get enough are sufficient to make any thinking individual ponder - and I'm talking about pondering of the guilty variety.

So it's with a curious sense of relief, a strange gratitude, that I spy fasting month looming ahead. Apart from its other benefits it's become a time for me to ponder positively my relationship with food and its deep, abiding, but troublesome goodness.

And to try and do that bit more for those who don't get enough.

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