Monday, May 29, 2017

Getting Through

3 Ramadhan, 1438

What with needing to help ensure the smooth running of an early morning lecture, meeting a colleague to discuss the marking of some on-going work, getting on with marking for the IB in order to meet an approaching unreasonable deadline, and rehearsing for our forth-coming production, this wasn't a day I was looking forward to. The fact that I'm still adjusting to the fast adding a further layer of uncertainty to my general sense of discomfort.

In the event things went, mercifully, not just well but very well indeed and, to my surprise, I found myself enjoying almost every minute - the only exception being the hour or so in the early afternoon when I conked out. I'm sure I enjoyed the brief kip, but just can't remember.

To celebrate all this, having finished my marking I'm now listen to Maestro Morricone's score for The Mission and wondering why I only mildly enjoyed it upon its release. This listening has taken me to Paradise, well the lower circles I suppose. Utterly gorgeous.

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