Monday, May 1, 2017

The Sky At Night

Popped out just now with Noi to take delivery of a couple of suitcases being returned to find myself, indeed ourselves, exposed to a particularly lovely crescent moon and a clear night sky studded with stars of the faintly twinkling variety. I don't think I'd have really noticed it all, having several work-related matters in my head, but Noi pointed out how splendid it all was and, as ever, she was not wrong. In matters of beauty she never is.

I had the good sense to soak it all in for a minute or so, wishing for a little less light pollution, but savouring the minute or so nonetheless. (Note to self: must get up again to the west coast of Malaysia, around Mersing, where the night skies are spectacularly natural.) The immensity of it all helped engender that remarkably emancipating sense of un-immensity that's so useful in lending one a sense of proportion. Isn't it great to be so little, so entirely unimportant in the great scheme of things?

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