Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nothing Much Changes

Was looking back at my diary from 15 years ago. Part of the entry for 11 May 2002 read:

I've just been listening to the Projekct 1 album Live at the Jazz Café. This kind of material requires active listening for engagement. I've been thinking about the links between music and emotion, but my thinking has not got very far. As usual.

Was struck by how little changes. Just yesterday I was thinking about giving the Projekcts a spin soon, reminding myself to choose a time when I would have the freedom to listen hard. And just yesterday I was mulling over just how little original or deep thinking I seem to be capable of.

By the way, my thoughts on music and emotion over fifteen years have not exactly developed in fruitful ways - as far as I can remember them, that is. There's a connection between the two, and it's all pretty mysterious. That's about all I can manage, folks.

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