Monday, April 10, 2017

Good Service

For some reason I've bought a copy of The Sunday Times for the last two Sundays. I can't honestly claim to admire the quality of this publication, which is why, I suppose, I've got out of the habit of buying it, so I can't really explain what made me lay down the shekels for it two Sundays running. Possibly to see what I've been missing?

With that in mind, I was a bit surprised that there was no book page at all in the paper I purchased eight days ago, as some kind of page related to book reviews or lit-related articles had been a regular feature at one time. I wondered if this was an omission relevant to that one particular Sunday, but yesterday the same lack was apparent.

It's good to know that a major national newspaper sees fit to protect its readership, especially the younger ones, from the pernicious world of books, so I can't say I felt any great disappointment. Indeed, given the quality of the book pages of old, subtly headed 'Read', I reckon the paper might be commended for services to literature for electing to rid themselves entirely of this extraneous, inessential baggage.

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