Friday, April 7, 2017

Brightly Shining

Now watching Kubrick's The Shining which is showing on the Thrill channel. It felt oddly coincidental when I realised it was on as I've found myself talking about it more than once this week in relation to our production scheduled for July. Specifically I've been encouraging our potential music-makers to listen to its opening music as a pointer to the sort of soundscape we might try creating for ourselves. In fact, we're considering stealing the main theme, since Wendy Carlos stole it herself.

When I first saw the movie I didn't care for it too much, for much the same reasons that King himself didn't like it. It isn't remotely true to his wonderful novel. What I didn't realise back then is that the disconnect between the film and the book is of no importance at all. They are entirely different entities, and both are brilliant.

It's quite painful to realise that back then I was possessed of no visual intelligence whatsoever. At least I'm able now to grasp that pretty much every frame of Kubrick's masterwork is a feast.

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