Friday, April 21, 2017

Getting Around

Found myself having to use a fair amount of public transport in the late afternoon and evening today. I'd been involved in taking some students to the Aquatic Centre near the new Sports Hub in the afternoon and whilst we had a bus to take us there we had to find our own way back. Then I needed to attend the wake for Aloy's dad who passed away late yesterday. Since Noi needed to use the car to attend a class at the mosque - and for that reason wasn't able to make it to the wake - I needed to find a way there and back.

Fortunately public transport is extremely well-organised on this island, despite folks' grumbles about it, and it turned out to be quite easy to find my way around. There's something strangely intense about being the only person at a bus-stop in what feels like the middle of nowhere, but is always the middle of somewhere, waiting for the last bus to rouse itself to arrive. (It's never actually the last bus, of course; it just feels that way.)

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