Sunday, May 1, 2016

Not Exactly Routine

We found ourselves at the gym in the early morning, directly after prayers, a first for us. Our usual routines have been happily disrupted over the weekend as we are playing host to Hamza, Sharifah and Sabrinah and it was Sabrinah who accompanied her auntie and uncle in their unaccustomed morning workout. I enjoyed the newness of the experience, but managed to post my worst performance of the year for reasons I don't quite comprehend, but which may relate to my body protesting at being forced to do something at such an unreasonable hour.

And I'm experiencing another unaccustomed first today. For the first time in my life I am entirely sanguine as to the idea of United getting beat at Old Trafford. It's not exactly the case that I'm welcoming such a defeat, after all the possibility of fourth place is a real one, but I'm going to be so delighted over Leicester winning the EPL however it happens that the pain of defeat will be considerably if not entirely assuaged.

Go you Foxes! as they say.

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