Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Just ten years ago I wrote this in my journal, relating to an interview I'd just undergone for my present employers:

I got back from the interview about an hour ago. It wasn't really at all like I expected it to be - not that I had formed any very clear picture of what might be going to take place. It was pretty informal, pretty short. This is a different country - they do things differently here. The good thing is that they were talking in terms of one year contracts. Now that would suit me down to the ground and lower.
The funny thing is that despite my applying for a number of jobs, this institution was the only one that replied, which made me keenly aware that at my advanced age (even then!) people weren't exactly falling over themselves to employ me. At the point of writing the above I was really quite casual about it all; now I realise how lucky I was to walk into another job with seeming ease at that time.
The difference I'm referring to above, between interviews here and those one undergoes in the UK for equivalent positions, was striking then, and remains so in my mind. Nobody gives you an easy ride getting into an English school, not in my experience anyway. Odd really - I suppose in a vague sort of fashion you'd expect things to be the other way around.

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