Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Troubling Question

Was mulling over today issues of mental health and contemplating the useful notion of a fairly lengthy continuum between exceptionally poor mental health - someone perhaps suffering from a major disability, with likely a physiological basis, like schizophrenia - and exceptionally good mental health - a completely balanced, 'together' individual. We might then consider placing ourselves somewhere along the line, bearing in mind the possibility our position is fluid rather than fixed. Such a model usefully gets us away from the simplistically false dichotomy between being either troubled or sane, which leaves us nothing really in between, nothing of that troubled no man's land most of us find ourselves operating in.

Further considering how one might describe the model of mental well-being at the top end of the continuum led me to consider whether such an individual might be considered also a model of virtue. I think this is a good question for the simple reason I haven't got a clue what the answer might be yet have the oddest feeling that it might be important to find out.

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