Sunday, May 22, 2016

No Class

Somehow I contrived to miss the FA Cup Final yesterday. I completely lost track of what day it was to be played on, vaguely thinking it was Sunday, and had no idea of whether it was featured live on any of the channels we can get. I managed to watch the highlights on the Internet, but that didn't go far in making up for the excitement of the game live, and exciting it obviously was. Reminiscent of the final when Kevin Moran got himself sent off before we achieved an unlikely victory. And also a United side reminiscent of those inconsistent days.

Unfortunately the victory has been entirely overshadowed by the likely dismissal of Van Gaal and appointment of you-know-who. Now I'm quite a fan of the ex-Special One, but I shudder to think we're in an age when a manager can win a major trophy (well, what used to be major) and be unceremoniously shown the door on pretty much the same day. But then again I shuddered at the dismissal of Moyes given the fact that I thought they'd give a new manager time to actually manage.

Those days are long gone. The sense of continuity that used to underlie the game has gone with them. The turnover rate of players and coaches just about everywhere leaves no club with any real sense of identity, and I'm not at all sure that this will ultimately prove to be what the fans want.

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