Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Silly Selfies

Feeling at a bit of a loss this evening without the Missus around, I took myself off to Holland Village just now, to stretch my legs, and do some thinking and drinking (about tonight's footy and of tea.)

On the way back I thought it might be a good wheeze to take the selfie above - the first of its kind to appear in this Far Place - as a way of recording my support for the nation I'm rooting for in tonight's big game. I'm still trying to decide, by the way, whether to stay up and watch the game (kick-off in the very early hours of the morning in these climes, despite what I said about tonight's game.)

It would crazy to stay up (or wake-up after three hours kip) but that's what I would have done in my mad youth. Now the thought of facing bitter disappointment in the early hours is a bit much (as reflected in the rather glum shot above.) But, who knows, some joy might just be on the way:

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