Monday, July 2, 2018

A Trying Time

Noi and I were making plans just before noon to head up to Holland Village in the late afternoon for a cup of tea and some aimless loitering - today being a most welcome break from work for Youth Day - when news came in of Mak's condition having deteriorated somewhat after being admitted to Alor Gajah hospital over the weekend. It seems she's developed an infection on her lung and is very weak. The prognosis doesn't look good and there have been suggestions for the children to gather. So Noi has driven up there, taking Rozita and Hakim with her.

We hope for the best, but fear the worst. Mind you, this time last year things looked very bad for Mak and she pulled through that.

The family might well have difficult decisions to make, and in a big family that isn't necessarily easy, even when everyone wants what's for the best. I'm praying for Mak and for all the family - that all will be for the best, for Mak and for everyone.

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