Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Needful

I'd intended to hit the gym on Friday evening, but I somehow contrived to tweak a muscle in my left side, at the top of the leg, round the back, taking the ablution at Friday Prayers and decided it would be foolhardy to risk damaging whatever had been damaged further by overdoing it. In fact, completing prayers on Friday and Saturday was a bit of a trial, but the difficulty seemed to have disappeared by afternoon prayers today, so I decided to put in an appearance on the elliptical trainer just now.

Disappointingly my numbers fell well below those of just a week ago which seems to go to show just how steeply whatever fitness I've got goes into decline the moment I stop doing the needful. On the other hand, there's an element of inspiration involved here in the realisation that if I don't stay reasonably active I'm probably facing major deterioration at a rapid rate. Having no real choice is an excellent way to focus the mind.

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