Saturday, March 11, 2017

Busy Doing Not Very Much

It's been a day of splendid inaction, for the most part. But I did navigate enough pages in the Boswell to get around the halfway mark. I'm hoping to complete the whole in the vacation week ahead, especially since I've been accumulating quite a number of exciting tomes to read, assisted by a visit to the Kinokuniya main branch earlier today. (It's shrinking, by the by, but I was still able to finally get hold of Bate's biography of Ted Hughes, which I suspect is what I'll move onto when the Life of Johnson is finally put to one side.)

Got my ears working fairly hard, though, giving them a workout on Takemitsu's music for Ran and, inevitably in the light of yesterday's post, his gorgeous I Hear the Water Dreaming, which I downloaded this morning. Didn't realise the second piece featured so much guitar. Also listened to some Tim Bowness solo and with No-Man, and Eliza Carthy solo and with the Imagined Village.

All very jolly really, in a highly relaxed sort of way.

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