Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Still Keeping Still

The turning of the month is a good time to look back at my resolution for the year, which is no longer quite the new year it once was. And here's the thing: I seem to have gone beyond gracious acceptance of the need to be still into a positive relishing of such moments, sometimes minutes (though never quite hours.) Quite a triumph, eh?

Unfortunately, not really. The truth is that I've enjoyed a reasonably sedate time on the work front. Of course, I'm using 'sedate' in a relative sense. In my line of work you're always busy, sadly, but as long as you're not frantically so it doesn't seem too bad. And that's the way it's been.

It's not going to last though, and that's when the real test of my embracing of stillness begins. Soon, I'm afraid.

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