Saturday, November 5, 2016

Two To Go

The original team who created The Fantasticks wrote & crafted such a wonderful show that it's a bit of a relief to be able to say we think our version does it some justice. From what I can gather it's very well-known in America, at the level of the classic musicals, but I'd never heard of it until Mr Hodge, our Principal, mentioned it to me some three years ago. It deserves to be better known outside the States and really is the perfect show for small scale theatre groups and colleges and schools to perform.

Anyway, our opening night was quite a success and we're left with two performances today, which is going to be utterly frazzling for all concerned. But worth it, since it's all in a good cause. It's nice to be doing a show for something other than the sake of the show - though that in itself is enough.

We've got some tickets left for both performances so do come and watch if you happen to be in this Far Place and haven't yet bought one. (Ok, shameless advertising over and out.)

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