Thursday, November 3, 2016

Something In Store

It's Dress Rehearsal day, so you can probably guess where the main focus of my attention is, plus most of the minor foci.

But I have been thinking past the weekend performances of the musical to life beyond at least a little bit, and not just in terms of the clear-up operation we'll be mounting on Monday. Having picked up a couple of the 'new' texts we'll be using in next year's Lit programme I find myself massively impatient to read A Streetcar Named Desire and The Homecoming - not so much to prepare for teaching them, as to re-experience them through a close reading. Also I'm keen to find out more about Tennessee Williams having realised after glancing at the Introduction to the Methuen edition of the play that I  know next to nothing about him and his background, except for the obvious stuff. Pinter I think I'm a bit more acquainted with, but I'm sure there are some surprises on the way. Embarrassingly it wasn't until I looked at the cover of The Homecoming that I remembered he's won the Nobel Prize for Lit.

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