Sunday, November 6, 2016

Back To Normal

Have spent the morning and early afternoon in a state of total relaxation - though I'll need to get a bit of work done later. It's strange not having to think about production details any more and the welcome absence of mental clutter has left room for resuming The Museum of Innocence - which I thought I might struggle to re-engage with, but proved very easy indeed to re-enter - and finishing off the issue of the NYRB I got hold of a couple of weeks ago.

Noi isn't around today as she popped up to Melaka over the weekend for family stuff after watching the show on Friday, and I decided to take a walk to Holland Village for a bit of exercise and to buy a few publications for reading in the reasonably clutter-free days and weeks ahead.

I treated myself to a cuppa at the Coffeebean there whilst reading Pamuk's masterpiece (I'm not halfway through yet, but that's obviously what it is) and, let me tell you, life felt very good indeed.

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