Saturday, November 12, 2016

Catching Up

I'm really enjoying the new-found time for Real Life that's arrived at the back end of a particularly busy year. Today I caught up on sleep in a big way. It's been quite a time since I've had a really sleepy-headed, lingering lie-in, but I put that right this morning.

It's not all been just relaxing, however. I got myself off to the gym again this evening and did a full forty minutes on my chosen instrument of torture trainer. Sadly I posted numbers (distance, calories, that sort of thing) far short of what the fitter version of myself managed earlier in the year, but this is not a competition - as I have to keep reminding myself.

We've got Fafa in residence over the weekend. She's just completed her 'O' level papers and is coming to terms with the fact that she doesn't need to study - a nice situation to be in, as is my own. We're all happy soldiers here, then, at least for the moment.

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