Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Road Ahead

Our time in Melaka has been all too brief - less than 24 hours. But this trip north was only meant as necessary preparation for our next round of globe-trotting. We needed to make sure Maison KL is in reasonable shape, and the Missus performed her usual wonders in our short time there. The guy who came to service the alarm remarked on the fact that the place looks as new now as when he installed the system over a decade ago. Mind you, he also told us we didn't look as if we'd aged, so I'm not sure he's an entirely reliable witness - in my case, at least.

We're picking up one niece, Ayu, here. She's just finished her examinations, today in fact, and she's going to be one of our travelling companions on the big trip ahead. Thus the team who completed the NZ trip last year are about to be reunited. With luck we hope to have as much fun, though I'm not convinced that an English winter has quite the same allure as December in the Antipodes.

The main thing I'm hoping for at the moment is the lack of a traffic jam at Tuas, but what we saw on Sunday evening with regard to the cars trying to get into Singapore does not augur well, I'm afraid. Wish us luck!

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