Friday, September 30, 2016

The Hajj, Accomplished?

We're happily back in our usual quarters, a bit tired from all the travelling, but starting to put things straight. And so the journey of a lifetime is complete.

But whether it has been accomplished is quite another matter. In Islamic terms the hajj needs to be accepted and approved by the Almighty to qualify as a hajj mabrur. This is clearly more than just a question of the pilgrimage fulfilling the conditions laid out in terms of procedures. It speaks to the sincerity of the pilgrim and the troublesome fallibilities with which we struggle. And so the struggle goes on, as it should.

Ustad Harun notes that there are signals that indicate a hajj mabrur, the chief of these being the change it effects in the individual. I feel that I have been changed by this experience, but feeling this is not enough, for those changes need to be apparent to the observer. Let's hope someone, somewhere notices something, eh, and I'm not just referring to my dramatic lack of hair on top.

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