Saturday, September 17, 2016

Finished, Sort Of

Things are changing here. Last night we moved from our apartment at Shisha to the Al Marwa Rayhaan hotel, just opposite al Masjid al Haram. We can see the monster clock from our room. Then in the early hours of the morning, around 3.00, we completed the umrah needed to finish the Haj rites for us. Lots of shaking of hands with our companions followed, but not wild celebrations. We were too tired for that, and almost everyone was feeling under the weather, so quiet contentment was the order of the day night. Noi and I stayed on for the dawn prayer which we performed directly facing the Kaaba, in the tawaf area - a first for us.

Now adjusting to a new routine, but sort of missing the communal atmosphere of Shisha, despite enjoying the privacy of our own room. Not so easy to get on the Internet here though. I'm typing rapidly in the hotel lobby where you can get a slow connection for free, because I'm too cheap to pay for the premium connection you can get in the room. Some things don't change, I'm afraid. 

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