Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Last time we were here my feet got into a very bad state  Both developed suspiciously unpleasant looking cracks and the skin began to peel away on the upper and lower surfaces. This made doing the rites for the umrah particularly difficult.

I thought I'd face the problem again but, to my delighted surprise, this time round my feet look essentially like they usually do. It seems the application of some moisturising cream to them on a few occasions early on our trip here has done the trick. I'm very grateful indeed for this big mercy: our feet are as fundamental as it gets. (By the way, it's the Missus who has ensured the well-being of my extremities, rightly insisting I apply the cream.)

One of the odd things about regularly attending prayers in the mosque is how conscious you become of the feet of other worshippers - specifically the ones next to you as you complete prayers. Most of the feet I find myself glancing at have a rugged quality that mine definitely lack. A reminder of my privileged existence.

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