Friday, September 2, 2016

Still Going

I seriously did not want to do much of anything at all around 7.00 this morning. Just before going to bed yesterday I'd been moaning about how little rest I was getting, and how much I still had to do; and on emerging from the comfort of my bed the morning after I didn't feel a whole lot better. When I say I dragged myself out into the world I'm speaking literally.

What to do when you feel this way? I can't honestly say I have an answer for all seasons, but I know what works for me. I keep going; I just get on with doing stuff, almost mindlessly - even if mind is required - and, as a result, I get stuff done. It doesn't make me feel much better, well, not at first. But as the day goes on and I keep going on along with it, there are moments that aren't quite so bad. And the moments turn into minutes. And I end up feeling pretty good, having got at least a few things done.

Of course, that leaves tomorrow to get through somehow.

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