Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Lingering in the mosque yesterday between prayers, I got talking to a guy from Birmingham. He'd completed his Hajj also, and had been in Madinah for a couple of days and was happy to share his impressions, expanding with enthusiasm upon some of the lessons he felt he'd learned over the days. I was struck by how extremely closely these matched my own experience.

The three points he expanded upon so convincingly comprised the absolute need for patience, the absolute need for awareness of the needs of others, especially the elderly, and the demands made upon the worshipper to focus in his worship, given the multiple distractions at every point. I can't really do justice here to the details of his analysis, but it was clear he'd thought each point through in some detail. I had the feeling I was talking to a man who'd been changed by his Hajj, in itself a strong suggestion of its success.

I'm hoping that I've been changed too, and really understood those lessons.

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