Monday, July 25, 2016

The Modern Epic

Have just been trying to get through to the Astro people in Malaysia to let them know that the expiry date on the credit card with which I pay their bills was recently changed by those good people at the credit card company. This means there's a strong possibility that the payment won't go through as they'll most likely provide the old expiry date. The credit card people with great cunning are likely to refuse the payment on the grounds that the information they are being given by the company who wish to be paid through them is incorrect - even though they have paid the company monthly for any number of years, and they are the ones who changed the info required. With equal cunning Astro appear to have made it almost impossible to talk to an actual human being in their payment section by simply providing a series of menus for payment services which do not include that option. It is possible to get through to someone on the technical side, assuming you are prepared to wait long enough to be put through, but then the service person will simply say that they don't deal with the financial stuff, I suspect. (I confess I don't know this for sure as I haven't summoned up the energy for long enough to stay on the phone.) It's sort of vaguely ironic, I suppose, that all I'm trying to do is to make sure they get the money I owe them.

This is, of course, progress, and we should all be very grateful for it.

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