Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Musical Interlude

For the last couple of months I've not been listening to music quite as much as I normally do. Even in the June vacation, in the days spent in KL, I can't say I spent that much time in genuinely focused listening. Stuff got played certainly, but intermittently. I'd spin a CD and sometimes that was it for the day; very uncharacteristic, I can tell you.

So it came as something of a relief this morning when, very early on, I just couldn't stop myself putting on a bit of Stan Tracy - the Under Milk Wood suite, with the quartet - and then banging on one thing after another with obsessive delight. In case you're curious, the playlist up to the early afternoon went as follows: A Grounding in Numbers - VDGG; Handel's Water Music; the 2 disks of VDGG Live at the BBC; Ignis Fatuus - White Willow; the first Peter Gabriel solo album; Songs of Innocence - U2.

All of which I know well, and all of which sounded utterly fresh. And there would have been more, except I kept falling asleep in between items.

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