Monday, July 18, 2016

Feed The World

Caught an item on BBC World just now about a lady in America, San Francisco, I think, who's developed, or is developing a service through the Internet that delivers excess food from the sort of places that tend to have such, to folks who are going hungry in places of need. The report began with a reference to how the lady in question was driven by the need to apply an intelligent solution to a problem that could be solved. Her company (if that's the right term) have been doing this for some five years now and have developed a sophisticated operation. The idea is to make the model as close to fool proof as possible and then duplicate it in other cities/countries. I felt like cheering as I watched.

It's easy - and necessary - to be grimly cynical about the world. But in the process you can end up deceiving yourself as to the possibilities of human goodness.

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