Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Staying Clean

21 Ramadhan 1436

I don't envy Najib Razak, the Malaysian Prime Minister, and the pressure he seems to be under at the moment following the Wall Street Journal's revelations about money which allegedly has made its way into his bank accounts. Actually, I didn't envy him even before the revelations. He and his wife had picked up something of a reputation for maintaining a 'lavish lifestyle' and I pity anyone who has to face the traumas of living the high life. What a headache it must be to try and keep up the lavishness when any sensible person would happily settle for the quiet, simple life - and especially so for a politician. You must be aware that over-spending - even if it's your own money - is going to leave you open for criticism. And if it's not your money you must really feel you're walking a tightrope with not much of a net below you, even if you feel you have some control of the media.

Mind you, I don't suppose moral authority, the kind that comes with leading a life of impeccable integrity, especially on the financial front, counts very much in politics anywhere in the world any more - if it ever did.

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