Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not Exactly Routine

For the first time in some years I haven't had some kind of book, usually of a fictional nature, as on-going reading, a curious state of affairs which has lasted a good eight or so days. (Of course, my default state is generally to have several tomes 'on the go' all at once.) I decided not to take any books to Melaka last weekend to ensure that I fully focused on the details of the production we're doing and all the examination admin I'm mired in at present. This was a good idea as I got a lot done, but I did miss having a book at hand in the few spare moments I carved out.

But this state of affairs wasn't designed to last. I picked up a tasty-looking paperback on the exchange table in the staffroom today going by the unlikely title Beethoven's Hair. It's a bit light-weight, the book, not the titular hair, but I'm hooked anyway. And I intend to get going on some kind of novel tomorrow, even though I haven't the time. I'm pining for a good murder, but I might just grab some sort of worthy classic from the library at work. 

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