Thursday, July 2, 2015


15 Ramadhan 1436


Thinking about going to the gym after breaking the fast. We weren't able to get any exercise done in KL, so this will be my first visit in around three weeks. And it will be the first serious exercise I've taken in fasting month for a few years. Could be a shock to the system.


System definitely shocked. Managed 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Heart rate over 150 after 7 minutes; over 160 after 16 minutes; and over 170 after 25 minutes. According to the guidelines at my age you're not supposed to go over 140. But I'm still in working order.

Actually after the first 10 minutes my body was telling me I'd had enough, but I suppose I'm too stubborn to listen.

None of this sounds terribly spiritual, I know, but an important aspect of the fast is to blend it in with your on-going life. This is a special time, but it should be an ordinary time also. The world needs to keep turning, and it turns more easily when the ordinary is made special.

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