Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Crisis That Wasn't

4 Ramadhan, 1439

Noi was preparing sahur, the pre-dawn meal in the early hours (of course), and I was bumbling around inconsequentially when the microwave oven and kettle suddenly refused to work. We quickly realised we'd blown a fuse, and traced the problem to a specific location in the fuse box. But the tripped fuse stubbornly refused to un-trip. It didn't take long to realise that the circuit affected also meant that the power points in the apartment as a whole didn't work, so we were fridge-less, telly-less and internet-less, amongst other deficiencies.

Too tired to worry overmuch we went back to bed after sahur, vaguely formulating plans to transfer items from the now-redundant fridge to one of our neighbours, if possible. I must say, though, that even when too tired to worry I managed to worry just a little, but reminded myself that this was a First World Problem and a way through would be found.

On waking again I tested the errant fuse. The first time I levered it up it seemed as loose as it had done earlier, but I thought I noticed a faint light glowing near it. (This may have been a complete illusion, by the way.) I tried again, and magically it clicked into place in a deeply satisfying manner. So our little problem had solved itself with the minimum of effort from us.

We're so lucky. To be reminded of our vulnerabilities, our neediness, without really being tested in any fashion. My prayers today have been for those poor yet deeply admirable souls who are tested, often on a daily basis, and somehow pull through. When my time of testing comes I hope I will have learnt something about courage and resilience from them.

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