Saturday, May 12, 2018

Knocked Out

Another hot day. Nodded off in the late afternoon for a couple of hours, waking with a thick head, and haven't really completely come round since.

Highlight of the morning was a trip to my back doctor. He detected a fair amount of stiffness in the muscles around my spine, but nothing to really worry about. In fact, most of our conversation centred around this week's election results. He's Malaysian and had gone across to Johor on Wednesday morning to cast his vote. He and Noi were both chortling over the outcome, far more concerned about the state of their nation than the state of my spine - and rightly so, I must say.

Then in the afternoon we got to see Osman & Rohana at a house-warming, eating rather too well in the process. Man is having quite a bit of trouble with his bad shoulder, but is determined to carry on working. He'd suffered from a nasty fever earlier in the week also, so it was a relief to see him quite relaxed and enjoying his afternoon.

I suppose it was the food that helped knock me out after we got back, in conjunction with the stodgy warm blanket of the afternoon air in our living-room. Can't honestly say I achieved much today, but can't honestly say I care much. So there.

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