Monday, December 19, 2016

Up North

We now find ourselves installed in quite a roomy apartment in Edinburgh, having driven up from London over the last couple of days. On the way we stopped over at David's place in Lincoln, enjoying a jolly time with the man himself and his new lady-friend, Sue. He's got a boat there and a house by the marina. All very comfortable for him, and, by extension, us. Noi was very impressed by the centre of Lincoln, around the cathedral, but the time we had to look around was necessarily limited by the dictates of the journey, one of the sad truths of zooming around the country in just a few weeks. However, we're intending to stay put for a few days here in Scotland so that should give us time to assess the joys of Scotland's capital.

(Must say, I hope I'm right in assuming it's still the capital and Scotland still exists, as such. What with various referenda and Brexit and what have you, everywhere appears in a state of existentialist crisis these days.)

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