Friday, October 14, 2016

Lost And Found

Steered close to complete disaster this afternoon. Came home from work and went to put my wallet in its usual place, on the counter top adjacent to our little kitchen. No wallet. I knew that I'd only recently taken it from my bag at work to prepare for the journey home, so the obvious lack of any wallet now was a puzzle, and a rather worrying one.

Hastily retraced my steps, going back to my workplace hoping that I'd simply put the wallet down somewhere, forgotten to pocket it, and that it was still there. Remarkably this proved to be the case. The relief that flooded through me on catching sight of it as I got back was immense. 

Curiously this little incident - or, rather, lack of any real incident - sort of turned my day around. After gratefully grabbing the wallet the day seemed a whole lot brighter somehow for not having gone dramatically pear-shaped.

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