Friday, October 7, 2016

In View

Staggered & sneezed & stumbled through the day, nose streaming, head pounding, and was very glad to get back to the solace of our apartment. Nothing could have made me leave this sanctuary, except for the school's annual Gallery Night. This is when the work of our graduating Visual Arts students gets put on display with the young artists around to explain what they've been getting up to, and it was as much of a treat this year as ever. The only disappointment was the reduced scale of the event, which I assume is due to a reduction in the number of students opting for the subject. Hope this is not a sign of things to come.

This year seemed to feature a good deal more portraiture than previous years and, my goodness, it was all so very assured with a number of really striking pieces. Must say I felt somewhat conflicted that one such was Daniel's full length rendition of myself. The Missus didn't think it bore much resemblance (trust me, flattering it wasn't) but I knew at first glance who it was and had an uncanny sense that the artist had captured something essential about me. I felt strangely honoured in roughly equal proportions to the degree to which I was disconcerted.

Delighted to see a significant amount of work from my drama guys featured. A reminder of how extraordinarily multi-talented so many of the kids are in this far place.

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