Saturday, February 27, 2016


Noi's gone over to Melaka for the day, taking Kak Sabariah along to massage Mak and various other lucky folks at the kampong. Being left to my own devices I thought it might be a good wheeze this afternoon to have a walk out to Holland Village and back - and a good wheeze it was. I enjoyed the cup that cheers at the Coffee Bean place there, with David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest as stirring company, and also found time to peruse a couple of articles in a freshly purchased NYRB. It was a bit hot, but I remained sensibly unbothered - though slightly depressed over the fact that it looks like they're knocking down one of the big buildings in the area along with its cheesily iconic windmill. As usual, anywhere I really enjoy being in this Far Place stands little chance of lasting much longer.

On the walk back I noticed there's now a park of some kind at a spot called One-North. It may have been there for a while for all I know but escaped my rather limited notice. Thought about checking it out and having a bit of a read there some time, but today wasn't going to be that day. When I was a little lad being 'out' was infinitely preferable over staying in, I seem to recall. The older version of myself, whilst enjoying a bit of an escape now and then, no longer minds so much being 'in'. The day's been quite exciting enough, thank you.

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