Friday, February 5, 2016

Onwards, Upwards

Seeking to take advantage of the long weekend break for Chinese New Year, we're off to KL after Friday Prayers. Not at all sure, though, of what the traffic is going to be like at Tuas and moving up the North-South Highway as we move into the holiday season. Expect the unexpected is the motto for the day. And for life, really.

Postscript: In the event it was more a case of expect the expected. There was a bit of a jam at the Malaysian immigration side at Tuas, which got fairly chaotic because it was typically left un-policed, but after that sailing was fairly smooth. We encountered the usual number of loonies on the road, especially in Kuala Lumpur itself, and several downpours made driving that little bit more exciting, but it was all essentially, thankfully, uneventful. Oddly enough there was a big electronic sign just ahead of the toll at Sungai Besi promising slow moving traffic once we got into the capital, but this didn't materialize. Maybe they intend to leave the sign on throughout the Chinese New Year season just in case the prediction turns out to be accurate?

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