Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Bit Of Conflict

Found myself thinking today, rather unexpectedly actually, about the notion of 'Character Strengths' as related to the field of what has come to be termed 'Positive Psychology'. In some ways the concept appeals to me, especially in its relation to Virtue Ethics, the mode of ethical reasoning I find myself embracing in my dotage, insofar as I consciously embrace any such mode; in some ways I find myself almost instinctively distrusting what, in some of its incarnations, looks suspiciously susceptible to metamorphosing into a monster of pop psychology.

I am conflicted. In fact, I've been thinking about some of the fundamental issues involved herein hard enough to give myself a mild headache. So I'll let this go for the moment, but I know I'm bound to return to these issues and I know I need to do a lot more reading and observing before I reach not so much an answer, as a truce.

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