Sunday, February 12, 2017

In All Weathers

It's been a blustery, rainy kind of day here. Looking out of the window at a McDonald's this afternoon (we live richly, the Missus and myself) I commented that we might have been back in Edinburgh in late December, were it not for the fact that we were warm and going to remain so despite having to step out into the wind and rain eventually. When we got back to the ranch I phoned John & Maureen to discover that they too had just got back from their morning shopping with the snow beginning to fall. Can't say I envied them.

The good news is that Maureen sounded well, as if keeping it together. The bad news is that she's still not had any serious surgery to repair her eye and her vision remains limited. John was complaining about the cold weather getting to his back, which in a way is promising as he didn't have anything grimmer to talk about. He reckoned he'd be better off in the warmth of this Far Place and I can see his point. That's one of the many reasons that I can find no complaint for being here.

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